In Your Words

Highest Standards. Happiest Employees. Greatest Customers.Best Partners.

Here’s what a few folks have to say about working with us over the last 25 years.

A Couple of Customers | The strength of our partnership in their words…

“Europa has always had great service. I place an order on Monday. And it shows up on Tuesday.”

Melodie A.

Owner, Citrus Health Club

“I am in a small town and I am a small CrossFit affiliate. We can’t afford to buy a lot so we just need to buy one of this or two of that, not necessarily cases of products. I can get what I need and then help provide that service to my members.”

Jay Long

Owner, CrossFit864

“Europa stays with the curve—they know what’s going on, now. Europa is getting more natural foods, healthy snacks and there’s a much better selection. Europa caters to everyone. I’m not a huge account. Yet I’ve never been treated as small.”

Shawn Lebouef

Owner, Fitness Spot

“I’ve only had two reps in 25 years, Eric Hillman and Marc Jacobs.  You don’t see that anywhere else. The service, products and knowledge haven’t changed over the years. It’s all been great. The only difference is that things get here faster.”

John Nedzesky

Owner, Ned’s Fitness Center

“Europa makes it their business to stay in touch. I am devoted to Jeff and Eric. They make a partnership work and I don’t believe in partnerships, but these two opposite individuals make it work.

David Janicello

Owner, Winner’s Gym

“I started working with Europa since Day 1. I was picking up product from Jeff and Eric’s house.

Mike Keever

Owner, Iron Physique

Just a Few Employees | What they’re saying about the Europa Experience…

“Working for Europa now is in many ways still the same…with just a few more people. I have had the opportunity to constantly grow and learn, which is what I love. I also love working with my co-workers and consider them family. Europa has greatly enhanced my career over the years. I have had access to some of the best training and technology. If there was anything that I needed to do my job better, Europa has always provided it. It’s a testament to Jeff and Eric that with hard work and a fearless attitude that you can create anything.”

Tammy Tufty

Marketing Communications Manager, Team Member since 1998

“The reason I have stayed at Europa this long is because of the leadership. I know Big E, Jeff and RD may not take credit for it all, but I believe in them. They have always been there for me personally and professionally no matter what. All three of their office doors have been open every day of the 18 years I’ve been here. Sometimes, you don’t even have to walk in; these guys will come to you.”

Marc Jacobs

Sales Consultant, Team Member 1997

“Europa is a very unique place to work. There is nothing cookie-cutter or boring about it.  Any new associate coming in should relax and embrace the Europa experience.  In doing that, they open themselves up to the whole adventure and can enjoy it as it unfolds.”

Colleen Payne

Payroll Specialist, Team member since 1996

“I started working October 6, 1997. It was awesome. It’s even better. I get to meet and work with more people.”

Robert “Sarge” Pearson

Warehouse Associate, Team Member since 1997

From Our Vendors

“People do business with people because they choose to, not because they have to. It¹s the personal connections that make the difference in life. For us, that¹s what makes working with Europa such a pleasure. Success, not only in business but also in life, is a direct reflection of the quality of your relationships. Europa has been there for our organization from the small details to big business. Not only do they have it covered, but we can always trust that Europa has our best interest at heart.”

Chris Wagner

President, Nutrakey Inc

“Europa Sports Products has been instrumental in the growth of my business on so many fronts; as a brand that focuses and has been successful on building the “user experience”, it was crucial that our distributor placed customer service and the “customer experience” as paramount to any other objective. When you buy from Europa Sports, this is EXACTLY what you get; a distributor that executes with accuracy and employs the highest level of customer service to guarantee a positive customer experience.”

T.J. Humphreys

President and CEO, ProSupps

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